2016 Coyne Cup Champions!

October 10, 2016 by L + G
  • Coyne Cup Champs


Hoisting the first Coyne Cup Championship trophy in Ireland!


/ from left: Long time friends Bill Lammey (L+G founder), Patrick BrennanTony Giorgio (L+G founder), and Tony McDermott / center: new friend and team captain Paddy the Caddy  



A couple long time friends travel cross the pond to compete in a friendly golf tournment called the Coyne Cup.  They went for some fun and some how came back champions! Yes, we're shocked as well.  Especially for those of us who've seen them play!  


Congrats to the team!



Tom Coyne, author and golfer, 10 years ago walked Ireland with only a golf bag strapped to his back, playing courses up and down the coast. This walk became the source of his book, A Course Called Ireland, and the source of inspiration for the Coyne Cup.  Old Sod Travel asked Tom to collaborate on a trip for those wanting to play the courses from his book.  The collaboration culminated into a tournament that, as mentioned in his golf.com article, brought much more than ever anticipated with many good laughs had and friendships made.  


(Yes, the faux handicap he speaks of is L+G's Tony Giorgio)


Tom is the author of Paper Tiger, A Course Called Ireland (The source of inspiration for the Coyne Cup), and A Gentleman's Game . 

A few images of our founders in action. More photos from the 2016 Coyne Cup can be found here