March 16, 2016 by L + G


Recently, in collaboration with three fellow Penn State Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners and trainees, L+G designer, Steven Zambrano Cascante presented at the Awbury Arboretum in the Germantown Section of Philadelphia on January 31st, 2016.  The winter workshop titled: Houses, Structures, & Nests: Guidelines For Creating Pollinator Habitats was open to the public, and the second in a four-part Pollinator Garden series.


Steven’s portion of the workshop focused on the role of native birds to the local ecology and how to select, create, introduce, and maintain artificial habitats in our urban environment to support them.  He explored the Pre-Columbian history of human / Purple Martin inter-species interaction, and introduced a recent peer reviewed study on the potential roles of the White Breasted Nuthatch and the Downy Woodpecker in the integrated pest management of invasive insects such as the Emerald Ash Borer. 


The goal of the event was to encourage the establishment of Pollinator Gardens and to emphasize the role of nesting sites and dwellings in healthy native ecosystems.